What Matters. No Matter What.

Meant for: Leaders and activists looking to turn their overwhelm about the coming year into a set of intentions and strategies for both personal and organizational sustainability.

In case you are wondering, it’s not just you. 

The current moment feels disorienting and overwhelming. At WithIn, we’re exploring ways to support each other to stay hopeful, energized, connected, and focused.  On June 3, we are hosting a gathering intended to support you to:

  • Identify sources of resilience and sustainable action.
  • Develop personal and organizational intentions that nurture hope, connection, care, and focus
  • Anticipate and prepare for possible future scenarios in 2024

Our aim will be to stay aligned with our values and strengthen our impact on community, family, friends, colleagues, and ourselves. While we have faced tumultuous times before, the combination of horrific global events and an impending election is compounding the post-pandemic fatigue we’re feeling – and witnessing in others.   Our intent is to gather and identify ways we can lean into our values, align with those around us, and prepare for the future, no matter what. Join us.

Turn your overwhelm into a set of intentions, commitments and strategies for sustained support of your community, family, team and yourself.