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Coaching + Coach Training

Find partnership for the change you seek.

Coaching is a powerful way to create alignment and purpose with oneself and others across organizations, networks and systems. It creates an opportunity to support reflection, healing and transformation. Learn more about our coaching offerings:

Within a room illuminated by large windows, a diverse group of people are gathered. Their collective focus is directed to something to the left that is both enthralling and joyous.
Within Cofounder Belma González hard at work with the First 5 Leadership Network.

I moved from a place of thinking that leaders needed to look, work, and show up in the world in a certain way, to seeing that you can bring your authentic self into what leadership means to you and how you work with the community. I would not be who I am right now without the WithIn team.

Coach Matching

Find the right coach
for you.

We believe deeply that leaders need support to sustain and energize the intense work of bringing about change. Whatever role you play in nonprofit organizations, activist movements, networks, private sector, or government, finding the right coach opens the possibilities for reflection, healing and transformation.

WithIn Collaborative provides a Coach Matching service for leaders interested in working with a coach.

  • We orient leaders to what coaching is, what it isn’t, and how it can be a powerful resource.
  • We support leaders to identify the qualities that they want in a coach and the goals they want to work on in coaching.
  • With this information, we identify and introduce the leader to 2 coaches.

Our coaching network is made up of highly skilled and compassionate coaches who are committed to anti-racism, justice and liberation.