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COACHING is a powerful way to create alignment and purpose with oneself and others across organizations, networks and systems.

COACHING creates an opportunity to support reflection, healing and transformation.

The Coach Identity Training

We believe that cultivating a COACH IDENTITY as part of our leadership practice allows us to reclaim our humanity and connects us with the humanity of others. THE COACH IDENTITY TRAINING will be an opportunity to practice equity-centered, justice and liberation-oriented coaching resources aimed at changing broken and oppressive systems, and benefits you as a leader, supervisor, organizer, parent, spouse, friend, and neighbor.

This offering is an introduction. Certified coaches receive over 140 hours of training and practice. We are offering a SIXTEEN HOUR group experience. This might be all that you need. Or, this can be just a beginning.

The Coach Identity Training

All trainings happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am PST in the following time periods:

Training C
January 16-February 8, 2024

Training D
June 4-27, 2024

Training E
October 1-24, 2024

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Coach Matching

We believe deeply that leaders need support to sustain and energize the intense work of bringing about change. Whatever role you play in nonprofit organizations, activist movements, networks, private sector, or government, finding the right coach opens the possibilities for reflection, healing and transformation.

The With/In Collaborative provides a COACH MATCHING service for leaders interested in working with a coach.

  • We orient leaders to what coaching is, what it isn’t, and how it can be a powerful resource.
  • We support leaders to identify the qualities that they want in a coach and the goals they want to work on in coaching.
  • With this information, we identify and introduce the leader to 2 coaches.

Our coaching network is made up of highly skilled and compassionate coaches who are committed to anti-racism, justice and liberation.

Fee for coach matching service is $280 per hour.




Belma González was one of the first people of color from the social justice sector to become a certified coach.

Belma believes coaching and coaching resources with a commitment to equity and liberation can support self awareness, healing, leadership enhancement, change management, emotional-physical-spiritual balance, and unlearning/unearthing white supremacy norms – all ultimately to live more purposefully and in support of liberation.

Johnny and Belma are founding members of the With/In Collaborative, they were faculty members with Leadership that Works, and are mentors with Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation. Belma is also an associate with RoadMap Consulting and a vetted member of more than 15 coaching “pools” for numerous leadership programs. She has coached hundreds of clients from the social justice, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors and trained over 300 people in coaching resources.

Belma is a Chicana / Latina with light skin privilege who is a cis-gendered woman. She is straight, a baby boomer and was raised working class and is now middle/owning class. California-born and raised, with ancestral roots in the borderlands of what is now called southern New México and México, her home is now Oakland, California, territory of the Huichin Ohlone. She regularly practices yoga or Pilates, water coloring and is inspired by her six beloved god children.



Johnny aspires to bring his whole self in order to engage the whole selves of everyone he is in relationship with, particularly folks in social justice movements and nonprofit organizations leading systems change.

He leans into his foundational experiences as an activist and client advocate, as well as his 15 years as executive director of health/HIV agencies in New York and San Francisco. As a coach since 2009, a coach trainer for the last decade, and a co founder of the With/In Collaborative with Belma González, Johnny partners with individuals, groups and networks to unleash our power and redirect the privilege from which we benefit, thereby transforming our systems toward greater interconnectedness, justice and healing.

Johnny’s work sources in part from his intersectional experience as a cisgender queer Asian man, child of working class Filipinx immigrants, fost-adopt parent, and Buddhist practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. He is also an avid adult figure skater, grateful that rinks have reopened, and resuming his training for Gay Games 11 in singles freestyle, same-sex pairs, and ice dance. Johnny currently lives and raises his family in Oakland, California, territory of the Huichin Ohlone.

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With/In Collaborative

The With/In Collaborative is committed to the pursuit of equity-centered systems change and believes deeply that courageous, intentional and aligned relationships are central to any change effort. For the past 4 years, With/In has worked with and in communities committed to building deep relationships on the path to honoring the truth, healing and reconciliation of historical and current barriers to justice and the path forward together. To that end, we have brought leaders into the practices of coaching, systems strategy, and human centered design as key modalities on the path to change. https://withincollaborative.com/