Coach Identity Training

Meant for: Leaders, groups and teams looking to elevate their connectivity and alignment across organizations, networks and communities, and within themselves.

Coaching is a powerful practice for creating alignment with oneself and others. When we support and cultivate this coaching orientation, possibilities emerge from the practice of trust, truth telling, healing, co-creation, and dreaming of a different future together.

The Coach Identity Training supports participants to apply equity-centered, justice and liberation-oriented coaching tools to the work of changing inequitable systems. WithIn believes that the COACH IDENTITY, that is, the mindset, heartset, and embodiment of the skills and methodology utilized by coaching, provides the tools, confidence, presence, practices and enhanced awareness necessary to hold the complexity of advocating for justice and moving towards a vision that benefits us all. Training will support you to: 

  • Create conscious relationships across teams, organizations and networks driving change.
  • Elevate curiosity and experimentation as tools for aligning disparate groups aiming to dismantle inequities and co-create just systems. 
  • Build individual and collective muscles around self management, self awareness and systems awareness. 
  • Support and center healing from systemic oppression and other traumas in our systems, including our own internal system.

How you can make this happen:

  • To begin your individual coaching journey, join one of our upcoming training sessions:
  • To bring this training to your group or organization, schedule an intake session with a member of the WithIn team:
    • In our meeting, we’ll figure out if and how the Coach Identity Training can address the needs of your team.
    • Plan on an intensive engagement. We recommend that the clinic happen over 4-6 weeks of sessions depending on the size of the group. Typically, this is a virtual offering that happens in 2-hour weekly or biweekly sessions. And, it is possible for our team to be in-person for one or more of the sessions.
    • Cost is dependent on the size of the group and the length of the engagement.

The Coach Identity Learning Arc

Over the course of eight (8) virtual, 2-hour workshops, we focus on skills that are key to surfacing what’s needed to bring about the changes we seek in our world and in ourselves.

  1. Creating Conscious Relationships: What is needed to create trust and partnership? What allows us to hold an anti-oppression stance in our relationships?
  2. Curiosity & Empowering Questions: What kinds of questions help support awareness, alignment, and action? How do we lean into curiosity in times of discomfort or conflict?
  3. Multiple Ways of Listening & Self Management: How can we more intentionally tune our listening and intuition? What do we do when we get triggered? 
  4. Values: How do we get clearer about what’s important to us? How do we support each other to live our lives and make decisions from a place of honoring our values? 
  5. Coach’s Presence: What attitudes allow us to trust in the resourcefulness, creativity and resiliency of others? How do we not default to advice-giving, caretaking or problem-solving?
  6. Requests, Challenges & Accountability: How do we call someone into bold and resonant action that is aligned with their values? What are ways to co-create accountability?
  7. Whole-Self Coaching: How do we ground in all of who we are in service of others? For those we coach, how do we invite all of their identities and experiences as resources?
  8. Appreciation, Championing & Acknowledgement: How do we provide fierce support to others? What is possible when people feel truly valued and “seen” in all their humanity?