A diverse group of professionals gather in a room, sharing smiles and lively conversations.
Creating new connections with the New Leadership Network.

We’re working WithIn for a better world.

WithIn collaborates with leaders and within communities to transform systems and create a more just and joyful future for all.

How might we work WithIn together?

Dynamic model graphic Diagram of 3 hand drawn concentric circles: The center circle is labeled “Leader” and “I”; the second circle is labeled “Team” and “WE”; the largest circle is labeled “System” and “IT”
I: Self Capacity Diagram of 3 yellow concentric circles, with the center circle highlighted. In the center of the diagram, the words “I” and “Self Capacity”
WE: Community Connection Diagram of 3 green concentric circles, with the middle-size circle highlighted. In the center of the diagram, the words “WE” and “Community Connection”
IT: Systems Impact Diagram of 3 orange-red concentric circles, with the largest circle highlighted. In the center of the diagram, the words “IT” and “Systems Impact”

What We Believe

Real change engages all of our systems.

Transformational change requires the full engagement of all our systems; external and internal, communal and individual.

Liberation is possible.

A bright future in which institutional systems and culture promote our collective freedom from oppression is possible, if we design for it.

Leadership is a collective endeavor.

We need one another to repair ourselves and our world. Only when we acknowledge and collaborate across difference can we manifest a more inclusive, creative and just future.

Self-awareness is foundational.

Our ability to lead with empathy, vulnerability and curiosity creates the conditions for insight, connection and, ultimately, change.

Meaningful work is joyful work.

Infusing joy in all that we do is an essential liberatory practice. And without laughter and connection, this work is not sustainable.

In a room filled with people of various ages, ethnicities, and genders, a heartwarming scene unfolds. In the center, an older light-skinned Chicana with gray curly hair and a younger Latina with dark wavy hair share a moment of infectious laughter.
Belma González in community with the First 5 Leadership Network.