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A diverse group of individuals wearing lanyards are standing close together, smiling and gazing up towards the photographer for a group photo.

Our core team, partners, and fellow travelers share a commitment to co-creating a just and joyful future in full partnership with one another. While we each bring different expertise and life experience to our collective, we seek to be curious, creative and responsive to the challenges we aim to address.

Core Team

Thomas Both

Project + Design Lead

Belma González

Project + Coach Lead

Johnny Manzon-Santos

Project + Coach Lead

Adene Sacks

Project + Strategy Lead
Adene Sacks

Fellow Travelers

Internal Partners

Isoke Femi

Elder / Teacher

Melissa Hardy

Finance Lead

Kris Helé

Evaluation Lead

Yeshi Neumann

Elder / Teacher
Yeshi Neumann

Amy Wu

Story + Visual Design