WithIn's new home page.

WithIn Website Release

To our cherished fellow travelers,

We hope this note finds you healthy, connected and finding moments of joy despite the many tragic events happening in our world.  

Today we want to express our immense gratitude for the learning and guidance you have provided us. Folks receiving this note connect to the WithIn Collaborative in lots of ways. And, over the past many years, our collective conversation has helped WithIn get clearer about how we are working to achieve a more just and joyful future for all.

WithIn is launching a new website today. While our story continues to evolve and our learning curve remains satisfyingly steep, we are excited to share this milestone with you. A few highlights we don’t want you to miss: 

  • We’ve expanded who is central to our work; please join us in welcoming Thomas Both to our core team.
  • We have deepened the ways individuals, teams, organizations and communities can engage with us.
  • We now shine a light on our network of cherished coaches and project partners.

We look forward to many more opportunities to cross paths with you and learn from one another. Please share any thoughts and feedback. 

Let us continue to work toward a better world. 

Warmly, Johnny, Thomas, Adene + Belma