Leading Systems Change

Meant for: Teams looking to build the capacity to lead equity-centered systems change.

Transforming systems to perpetuate justice and inclusion is not only about rethinking organizational strategy or launching a DEI effort; it is a dramatic and intentional shift in how we, as leaders, team members and humans embody our roles in the systems we look to change. 

WithIn believes the work of  dismantling racist and unjust systems begins within ourselves and within our organizations. Those looking to remake the world need tools and more resources. And, what often gets missed is that teams need time and permission to explore how they show up differently to the work of systems change.

At WithIn, we are experimenting with four “systems change” identities: COACH, ANTI-RACIST, SYSTEM THINKER and DESIGNER. In our experience, the invitation to embody these identities gives leaders the permission to step into the work of equity-centered systems change with bravery, creativity and clarity.

The Leading Systems Change workshop supports participants to explore and experiment with each of these four key identities. The goal is to create new thinking and alignment about your individual and collective leadership in the systems you hope to change. This workshop will support your team to:: 

  • Learn key tools and behaviors associated with each of the four systems change identities. 
  • Explore how each of the four systems change identities relates (or doesn’t) to the work the team hopes to do. 
  • Experiment with possible ways to embody the systems change identities in your leadership and your team’s focus.

How you can make this happen: 

  • Schedule an intake session with the WithIn Collaborative. Let’s figure out if your goals align well with the focus of the Re-Imagining Strategy frameworks. 
  • Plan on an engagement that begins intensively. We recommend that the clinic happen over two 3 hour sessions (virtual or in person) followed by monthly check-in sessions focused on implementation and, if needed, course correction.  
  • Cost is dependent on the size of the planning group, and length of your strategic planning process. 

Ready to get started?