Community Co-design Clinic

Meant for: Teams looking to generate new solutions to emerging challenges.

Sometimes the programs and policies we support fail to address the changing needs and conditions of those we seek to serve.  What then? How do we open ourselves to new solutions –  especially in moments of uncertainty and scarcity? How do we move ourselves and our organizations away from what we know to what is most needed? 

WithIn believes this shift begins with partnering with those most impacted. This process of  creating partnerships with those we seek to serve, if done with intention and true openness,  can provide new possibilities and solutions. 

Community Co-design Clinics support participants to learn equity-centered design frameworks that further our capacity to genuinely collaborate with community stakeholders and identify new solutions.  A clinic will support your team to: 

  • Create a clearer picture of how your work integrates (or not) with the changing ecosystem around you. 
  • Engage community partners in organizational decision making and processes. 
  • Explore how multiple stakeholders are being impacted by your organizational interventions. 
  • Learn to co-create new programs or strategies that integrate the wisdom and wants of diverse partners. 

How you can make this happen: 

  • Schedule an intake session with the WithIn Collaborative. Let’s figure out if the questions and challenges you are wrestling with align with the Community Co-Design Clinic. 
  • Plan on an intensive engagement. We recommend that the clinic happen over 4-6 weeks of sessions depending on the size of the group and the scope of the challenge.  Ideally, we would host an in-person kick-off meeting to start and virtual sessions to follow.  
  • Cost is dependent on the size of the group, and how active you’d like WithIn to be in the team process. 

Ready to get started?